The sport of golf is one that is really appreciated and participated in throughout the many parts of the world. England is no exception to this and one of the significant events that contribute to the popularity of this game is the British Masters.

It usually takes place in October of each year and comes with a hefty purse of 3,000,000 pounds. It is played with a par of 71 and is organised at the Close House Golf Club. This is a tournament that has been widely recognised since its inception in 1946. It is attributed to the European Golf Tour.

Some of the past greats that became champions of this event are…

Bob Charles

Technically known as Sir Robert James Charles and recognised as an impressive New Zealand professional golfer, he was acclaimed for being the winner of the first British Masters during his first participation in the event when it became part of the European Tour schedule. He is a left-handed golfer with over 70 titles.

Ian Woosnam

Moving into the 1980s, the British Masters among the many pros who won throughout this era was Ian Woosnam.

Mark James

Mark along with Sam Torrance and a few other greats were skilled enough to possess the British Masters Trophy in the 1990s.

Looking back to the last British Masters completed means looking at 2017. This event was spread over six days all of which filled with a high level of excitement. Finally, the anticipation reached its height when Paul Dunne was hailed the champion for the 2017 event. With a twenty under par, there is no doubt that this pro played the most impressive game. His efforts truly paid off as this was his first win on the European tour. For those who are impressed with the birdies, Paul held no disappointments for them with a show of 7 of these topped with a last round eagle.