While the World Cup really encompasses what football is all about, one cannot put the Champions League to the side. This is another very important event in the world of football, and one that the UK finds most exciting. What some don’t realize is that the Champion Leagues Football tournament is a qualifier for the FIFA Club World Cup, so it is understandable why this competition is followed with such passion and interest by sports fans from all over the world.

In total, the competition is made up of 78 to 79 teams that come from different parts of the world. While every nation covets to be the champion of this event, the current champions are Madrid C.F. which hold a total of 12 titles.

The UEFA Champions League first came about in 1955, but was re-branded in 1992 as it replaced the European Champions Clubs Cup. This great event starts in mid-July where it begins the three knock out rounds. Then it heads to a playoff round. After this, the ten teams that still remain in the game enter into the group stage. In this stage, there will be 22 other teams that have already met the qualifications.

The game excitement for the Champions League continues with the 32 teams having to participate in a double round robin format. Completion of this segment of the tournament brings the remaining teams which total eight group winners plus an equal number of runner-ups, to the final phase. This is the knockout phase that leads to the final match.

While the UK has not been able to outperform Madrid ever, there are five English teams that are now into the knockout stage for the next presentation of the Champions League. Naturally, this is causing a real flurry of excitement that should carry right through until the last game is played.