There are many different sites that talk about sports but here, we wanted to focus on those sports that we believe are the most popular. Specifically targeting events that are portrayed like the big tournaments and championships.

We felt that with 2018 being a World Cup year, it would only be fitting to designate a post to this exciting event. Anyone who has any passion for football will want to be made aware of what is taking place in 2018 for this ultimate tournament.

While looking at some of the greatest moments in sports, we had to include the Olympics. Great Britain had the pleasure of hosting the summer Olympics three times and we want to share some additional information about the passion that the UK holds for the Olympics.

You are going to read some exciting news about the Champions League event and the English teams who have qualified.

To encourage you to really check out the different sporting events, we wanted to make sure that you became familiar with the Commonwealth events.

While the team sports are truly exciting, we couldn’t go without mentioning some of the single sports events and this meant talking about Golf. To highlight this, our emphasis was placed on the British Golf Masters.

For those who love equestrian sports, we have focused on the Grand National Horse racing event to give a great example of the equine sports industry in the UK.

To top off some of this very informative posts that we have published, there is a small section on sports betting to enlighten you.